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Austin, Minnesota: Spam and SPAM Are Here to Stay

October 21, 2016


“Lovely spam! Wonderful spam!” Monty Python’s lyrics from his 1970 sketch, in which two customers in a café try to order something for breakfast that doesn’t include SPAM, was oddly prophetic in more ways than one. Spam, all lower-case, is a term everyone with an email address understands to be ubiquitous and unavoidable – the […]

December, 2013. Fairhope, Alabama. Lagniappe From Fairhope

December 15, 2013


“This city makes it easy to succeed”. Those words were part of an upbeat conversation with the young owners of an independent restaurant in downtown Fairhope, Alabama, where we were enjoying a spaghetti and lasagna dinner. These days, not all owners of ‘mom and pop’ establishments can say that – but then, things are a […]

September, 2012. Corbin, Kentucky. “Finger Licken’ Good”

October 1, 2012


Corbin, Kentucky is just your average little mountain town, without much going for it other than the fact it is the hometown of Colonel Harlan Sanders and the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Sanders’ story is typical Horatio Alger stuff. Born in 1890, his chicken empire began in 1930 when he opened a gas station […]