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Dodge City, Kansas. The Queen of the Cow Towns. Even Now.

November 1, 2016


While I’ve always associated Dodge City with the television series Gunsmoke, obviously the story goes a little deeper – especially since Gunsmoke wasn’t even filmed in Dodge City, but rather on a set located outside Knab, Utah. Oh, well – that’s Hollywood. Fort Dodge was constructed during the Indian Wars in the middle 1860s to […]

Cheyenne, Wyoming. Cowboys to Containers

October 25, 2015


From the city’s rough and tumble beginnings as a player in the building of the Transcontinental Railroad to its ‘old west’ cow and cowboy heritage, much of life today in Cheyenne revolves around the same elements that defined it 150 years ago – ranching and railroads. The Union Pacific Railroad is a constant presence in […]

Missing the Boat in Benson, Arizona

January 24, 2015


We’ve been in Benson, AZ for nearly a month. It’s been the perfect base for several day trips to places we wanted to see, as well as being close enough to Tucson for the inevitable medical emergencies that seem to occur to people our age. Benson is a small city with a population of a […]

Real Sets from the Reel West – Kanab, Utah

November 11, 2014


Kanab’s Little Hollywood Movie Museum brought back lots of childhood memories, including – as you will see later  – an unexpected one for my husband. Most of us of a certain age grew up in a make-believe world of cowboys and Indians, chasing one another across the plains of our imagination with pot metal cap […]