On The Road Again

Posted on October 11, 2014


Traveling Tongue in Cheek

DSCN0982We don’t always get to stay in “destination” parks or campgrounds when we travel.

Often, like now, we end up in places designed for, or taken over by, the long-term parker – workers from other states, those with no other options, or those for whom ‘trailer life’ is the option of choice.

These parks inevitably are named something meaning the exact opposite of what they actually are – Happy Acres, Bayou Wilderness, etc., evoking a green, country setting or a cam-like atmosphere.

In reality, they usually consist of units jammed together on sites of mixed gravel and weeds edged up against crumbling roads of mixed asphalt and weeds. In reality they are often Dusty Acres or Flooded Bayou.

logoWe are at Mingo Park in Tulsa, OK, where the sign greeting the new pull in reads, ‘Camp Mingo’ under a canoe with crossed oars. The park butts up to Mingo River, which I don’t think sees much canoe traffic anymore, as there’s only water in it after a hard rain.

But I’m not really complaining as we’ve been happy here. It’s quiet, no one bothers you, and we feel safe cocooned in our motorhome with all the necessities of life – electricity, water and sewer.

But in wandering around I’m struck at the incongruity of the brand names of the units parked here – what in the world is Elkhart thinking when they name these things??

IMG_0520Take the Grand Surveyor. It surveys its neighbors, and I don’t think the owners need a compass to find their lot.



Then there’s the Outback, a newer model that still has potential for a more adventurous future, but right now is simply parked outback at the edge of this crowded park.




Sunset Trail may may have once had hopes of rolling along a sunny trail, but now it looks pretty firmly anchored to its site.




The Road Runner has a PVC sewer pipe, so it isn’t likely to run down the road any time soon.




Cashay? I’m at a loss. Cashe’ means several things, none of which seem appropriate here.



Solitude? This one might be ok, as most worker parks are quiet – except on the weekends when the wife and children come to visit. And judging from all the tubs outside, ‘Crowded’ might be a better name for this unit.



And lastly, Wildcat. It would be a fate worse than living in a zoo for a wild cat to be tethered here.

Ok, I admit –  who would buy a trailer called Crowded, or Cramped, or Marooned, or Tamed.  Probably no one.  Elkhart, I understand.

DSCN7274_1024x768And then there’s us, cuddled up in a Phaeton, named I guess, after the mythical Phaëton, son of Helios, who nearly set the earth on fire while attempting to drive the chariot of the sun.

Maybe it would be best if we stayed here, too.

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