October, 2013. Gibsland, LA. If We’d Known Then What We Know Now…

Posted on October 26, 2013


…we would have known we knew all there was to know.

Well, almost.

And, if we’d known then as we know now how long the trip would be to the Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum in Gibsland, LA, we know we would have stayed home.photo

Maybe.  I don’t know…

I DO know there’s really nothing in downtown Gibsland except mostly vacant buildings and the museum, which occupies space where a café once stood.  It was here Bonnie and Clyde stopped to pick up a couple sandwiches before heading south, down the road to their destiny.

And it is here a descendant of an ambush participant presides over a faded, dusty collection of assorted stuff, obviously enjoying his position as the self-proclaimed authority on all things Bonnie and Clyde.

I’ll have to admit the museum commemorating the bloody 1934 event did give up a couple facts we didn’t know. But generally it was wall after wall of copies of photos, headlines and newspaper articles we’d seen before.

DSCN0127But still, Bill got to shake hands with the son of the man who was one of the six deputies who participated in the ambush south of Gibsland.  And, we did see the shot up, chipped up, graffiti-ed up nearly unreadable monument erected there by an unidentified police group.

My laugh for the day came when we were walking to our car outside the museum and another couple pulled up. The man asked me, “Is there anywhere to stay around here?”


Even Bonnie & Clyde didn’t stay in Gibsland, they were just (unfortunately for them) passing through.