Tom Sawyer RV Park, West Memphis, ARK.

Posted on October 11, 2013


photo (12)

Up, Up and…Hopefully NOT Away.

The unpredictable nature of the Mighty Mississippi is well illustrated by the Tom Sawyer RV Park, located right on the banks of Ole’ Muddy in West Memphis.

This park provides a great view of the river, and is clean and well-maintained. Which is amazing when you consider that all too often the river overflows its banks and pretty much floods the whole (18)

But not to worry – the folks at Tom Sawyer’s just pick up and move to higher ground. Not just the people, the PARK.

The electrical panels are way up off the ground.  The office and a couple other buildings are on wheels. The fishing lodge rental is lodged up in the trees. And the laundry room is up a long flight of stairs over a reinforced concrete shower room.  And if the water gets too high – like in 2011 – they just unhook the machines and haul them (15)photo (13)

All in all, a pretty interesting place and proof that it’s best to go with the flow when it comes to the Mississippi River.