January, 2013. San Marcos, Texas. Santa’s Southern Secret

Posted on January 3, 2013


photo (14)Most people assume Santa Claus lives at the North Pole year around.

However, like many of us silver-haired older folks, Santa is actually a snowbird with a winter home in southern Texas.

Santa’s Ranch, in San Marcos, Texas, provides the perfect off-season get-away for the jolly old guy.  It’s filled with all his favorite things – the bright lights and fanciful images of his favorite holiday, but without the cold and snow and wind of northern winters.

Because he loves to see children of all ages enjoy themselves, his ranch is open to everyone for 1-1/2 mile tours through 12 acres of his property beginning in early November. Of course, that’s Santa’s peak season, but even he needs a break now and then. Thanks to text messaging, Skype and video monitoring, Santa can now keep track of all his workshops remotely so we suspect he manages a quick trip to the ranch once or twice before his Christmas Eve marathon.

We visited the ranch on December 30.  We didn’t see Santa himself, but probably holiday storms delayed his trip down to his southern headquarters.

Santa’s Ranch closes to the public at the end of December, but we suspect old Saint Nick switches on the lights now and then just to keep himself in the holiday spirit.photo (10)photo (12)photo (8)photo (3)photo (1)photo (17)photo (2)photo (15)

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