November, 2012. Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Over De Bayou an’ Tru De Swamp Ta Grandmudder’s Camp We Go….

Posted on November 22, 2012


Grandpas are deep frying turkeys, while grandmas watch the rice cooker, young women stir the gumbo, and young men stretch out in bag chairs with a cold one in hand.  And the kids? They’re tumbling in the jumpy, playing in the road, or running all over the campground…as usual.

When Lydia Maria Child wrote her iconic Thanksgiving Day poem in 1844, she probably never thought about folks in the south, who naturally have a different take on the holiday.

Chopped kidneys in the rice dressing, cornbread baked a day ahead  “‘cause tis’ betta de next day”, pecan pie made with Steen’s syrup, plenty of bacon and molasses in the baked beans, or maybe red beans and rice with boudin, or maybe boiled crawfish. And plenty of potato salad, made with coarsely-mashed potatoes.

Sure, we miss our family.

But this is something different. It’s fun, and we’ve got the Cajun spirit – we’re having turkey and sausage jambalaya today.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!