November 12, 2012. Jennings, Louisiana. Remember When a Phone Was a Telephone?

Posted on November 19, 2012


Remember when the word ‘phone’ meant ‘telephone’?

People seldom refer to today’s mobile devices as telephones, and for good reason.

Old school telephones were for talking, phones today are for everything BUT talking.

Texting, picture-taking, picture-sharing, GPS-ing, scanning, web surfing, e-mailing, gaming – these are the most important functions of today’s phones, though of course, if you really HAVE to, you can still actually call someone and…talk.

Anyway,  a visit to the Louisiana Telephone Pioneer Museum in Jennings, Louisiana, lays it all out – how far we’ve progressed (or regressed) in the area of personal communication during the last 100+ years leading up to today’s new-phone-a-minute lifestyle.

The Museum features ten interactive exhibits, available in either French or English, and includes hundreds of pieces of equipment, tools and telephones spanning more than 100 years of telephone service.

It’s easy to see why this is a popular school field trip for area students, as everything exhibited is certainly from the dark, distant past – rotary dials, phone booths, switchboards.

As American families quickly shed their land lines, how soon will it be before we completely forget that we used to be connected by cords and telephone poles, not gigabytes and jpeg files?

It just goes to show you how important museums really are.