November, 2012. Henderson, LA. Trailergating at Cajun Palms

Posted on November 5, 2012


They rushed in Friday afternoon, they staggered out Sunday morning.

It was a double feature at this popular park – Cajun music weekend and the much-anticipated Saturday football match-up between rabid rivals, LSU and Alabama. TWO great reasons to party!

While the park quickly filled up with a variety of RVs, from pop-ups to one truck camper to high-end motorhomes and a full range of 5th wheels, the RV of choice for this crowd seemed to be the tag-along trailer.

While they’re certainly more affordable and easy to pull with normal vehicles, I think it’s the outside kitchen and entertainment centers available on newer models that probably closed most sales.

With one of these babies you can forget about tailgating in a crowded college parking lot. Instead, you can “trailergate” in comfort with microwave, grill, refrigerator, stove and sometimes a TV opened right up to your patio, perfect for outside game day entertaining.

Bring the kids! Bring the dog! Bring everyone you know! Let’s party!

Not that those without built-in outside kitchens suffered any hardships. Canopies covered tables loaded down with enough equipment to run a restaurant, propane pots filled the air with the unmistakable aroma of a well-seasoned boil, and anything that could be grilled was, and in great abundance.

While two Zydeco bands performed Saturday on Lee Roy’s Tiki Bar stage before an enthusiastic crowd, they couldn’t hold a candle to the golf cart serenade we enjoyed Friday night.

Carts (or more accurately, golf “cars”, as a true “cart” has no motor)  loaded up with sound systems, LED lights, fancy chrome wheels and beer-drinking purple and gold-clad flag -waving football fans cruised through the streets of this huge park, blaring a blend of music – rap, zydeco, country and whatever else seemed right at the moment.

Children raced around, dogs barked, people strolled from party patio to party patio. And we just sat and watched.

Then the game started, and the flicker of football on the outside TVs revealed pretty much everyone settled down, ready for action!

Then the game ended. The Tigers weren’t Tide-breakers.

With nothing to cheer about, the LSU crowd mostly retreated to their dark interiors to lick yet another set of wounds.

But, well-fed and well-lubricated, it was a weekend well-spent.

All that remained was the clean-up on Sunday, then by late morning they were back on the road, heading back to wherever they all go to wait out the arrival of the next weekend at Cajun Palms.