September, 2012. VanWert Ohio – Growing Electricity in Rural Ohio

Posted on September 29, 2012


Yes, they grow corn and soybeans in VanWert Ohio, but this area’s true bumper crop is wind turbines.

They are popping up all over on the Blue Creek Wind Farm, spread out over 6 townships, planted here by the Spanish renewable energy company, Iberdrola, which operates in the US out of Portland, Oregon.

The first large-scale wind farm in Ohio, Blue Creek is one of the bigger wind power plants east of the Mississippi River, with 152 2-megawatt turbines combining to give it a generating capacity of 304 mw. FirstEnergy Solutions of Akron has already agreed to buy 100 mw of the plant’s power for the next 20 years.

According to various websites, Blue Creek Wind Farm began in September 2010, bringing with it approximately $1.1 million in annual lease payments to local landowners, $2.7 million in annual local taxes, 15 to 20 new permanent jobs, over 300 construction jobs, and local purchase of some supplies and construction materials.

Viewed for miles along Highway 30, this farm is quite a sight – a sight that should light up the residents of this rural area of Ohio in more ways than one.

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