February, 2012. Fredericksburg, Texas. There’s Some SASS Here

Posted on February 26, 2012


We’re doing a lot of walking around, sticking our heads into interesting looking places, and what could be more interesting than a building with the name “Texas Jack’s” on the sign – sounded like a bar!

It was better than that.

Texas Jack’s is one of the official outfitters for SASS.  That’s the Single Action Shooter’s Society, a popular “Old West” reenactment group with chapters all over the world. (!)

For those of you who don’t already know, “single action” refers to a cowboy-style handgun, a revolver that requires the shooter to manually draw back the hammer before it will fire.

However, members of SASS can also use pistol caliber lever action rifles and old time shotguns as long as they are typical of those used in the taming of the Old West.

Anyway, this group is pretty interesting.  Every member is required to pick an “alias”, an actual character from history, fiction or the movies, and then adopt an accurate costume for that alias. Aliases must be registered, so there are no duplicates.

Members actively promote the history of the Old West and safe shooting practices, as well as working to safeguard 2nd Amendment rights.  Regional shooting matches are held, with members within chapters competing for a World Championship.

But back to Texas Jack’s.

We’ve all seen “cowboy” shirts in Tractor Supply or wherever. Jack’s doesn’t sell ‘em.  They sell authentically-designed 1870’s era frock coats, pants, gambler shirts and fancy vests, as well as Victorian attire for the upscale cattleman and his lady.

For the common cowpoke, there are tailored canvas pants, vests and jackets; leather chaps, spurs, ropes and what have you, all authentically-designed.  100% cotton, wool and linen rule.  No polyester here.

And then there’s the guns.  Lots of guns – all SASS appropriate, with holsters and cartridge belts and, and, and…..

It’s quite a place.  And, like Texas in general, it’s the perfect place to get your cowboy on.

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