February, 2012. Bulverde, Texas – Where’s the Beef?

Posted on February 11, 2012


Or, more to the point – where’s the cows?

Silly us – we thought we’d be eating steak every night in Texas.

Our tasty tenderloins brought from Michigan were all gone, and we couldn’t wait to stock up on good, fresh Texas beef.

But, when we headed to the meat counter at the local supermarket we quickly developed a bad case of severe sticker shock.

How could Texas steak be almost twice as expensive – and half as good looking – as Michigan steak?

Then it dawned on us. Three years of extreme drought in Texas was showing up at the meat counter.

We’d seen cows around Houston and Beaumont, but during a long ride through the Hill Country ranching area around San Antonio they were conspicuously absent from the landscape.

What we DID see was dry riverbeds – one after another after another after another.

According to a December, 2011 Associated Press article, there were now “…600,000 fewer cows across the state due to the worst drought in Texas history…raising the likelihood of increased beef prices as the number of animals decline and demand remains strong.”

You can’t raise cattle without water, and you can’t have steak without cattle.

Where’s the beef? Probably not on our table anytime soon.