January, 2012. Rayne, Acadia Parish, Louisiana – The Frog Capital

Posted on January 13, 2012


A place that calls itself the Frog Capital of the World has to be visited, right?

Well, we did, but didn’t find all that much of interest.  There are some frog statues and some frog murals, but…that’s about it.

However, one spot caught our eye – St. Joseph Cemetery, which is listed in “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” as the only cemetery (presumably in the United States) where the gravestones face north and south. Hmmm…as I mentally walk through all the cemeteries I can think of, the headstones all DO face east and west. Amazing.

Now the frog thing.

It turns out that back in the 1880’s a chef named Donat Pucheau started selling Rayne-caught bullfrogs to New Orleans restaurants.  Since some unexplained local condition made the Rayne frogs extra tasty, a pair of brothers from France, the Weills, started a lucrative business exporting frogs to restaurants.  Even Sardi’s in New York City once boasted they served only frog legs from Rayne, Louisiana.

Now we know.