January, 2012. Breaux Bridge, St. Martin Parish, Louisiana

Posted on January 8, 2012


We found it!

We finally found a place to have a beer at 7:30 in the morning!  We found Breaux Bridge, Louisiana!

I’m not kidding.  Well, I am about US having a beer that early in the morning, but believe it or not, the beer does flow that early on Saturdays.

Café Des Amis hosts a Saturday live band Zydeco dance party from 7:30 to 11:30 every Saturday morning.  We were there – rather we were outside there – around 10:00, and the place was packed.  The dance floor was so crowded people were mostly jumping up and down in place, with their beers held high.

Guess where we’ll be next Saturday morning?

Breaux Bridge is the best thing we’ve found so far.  If you read our Eunice and Opelousas post you’ll know we drove around downtown Lafayette, and after going around, and around and around (and around) finally figured out there is only one really “main” street. It is full of bars and nightclubs, some of which look like fun places, but… just not our kind of places.

But Breaux Bridge?  Our kind of place!

Like everything here, it’s old.  Its history goes back to a French land grant awarded to a New Orleans merchant in the early 1700’s.

Firmin Breaux eventually bought some of this land, and by 1786 was one of the largest property owners along Bayou Teche.

In 1799 he built a footbridge across the Teche to make getting around a little easier, and people began referring to “Breaux’s Bridge” when asked by travelers for directions.

The town was officially founded in 1829 when the Breaux family began selling lots to other Acadian settlers.

Breaux Bridge today is a rockin’ little place.  Cafés, cafés with bars, bars with cafés. Shops with junk, shops with antiques and high-end everything. Shops with Mardi Gras ball gowns, shops with resale clothing. And all combined with music blasting out of doorways and loudspeakers on the promenades’ and people sitting around with a beer in their hand.

Breaux Bridge calls itself the Crawfish Capital of the World, and hosts a huge Crawfish Festival in May.

And I bet Café Des Amis is rather busy that weekend.

After the morning crowds left for their naps