January, 2012. Fairhope, Alabama – Cup Confusion

Posted on January 3, 2012


Only in L.A.

We started the day with a crowd of friends, and ended the day with a crowd of friends.

When we started the day we had cups, when we ended it we didn’t.

An odd subject to blog about, but that’s how it is in Lower Alabama – everything’s wonderful and uncomplicated one moment, then everything’s wonderful, but oddly complicated, the next.

We started the day at Panini Pete’s in downtown Fairhope.  Great food, great coffee – and they had cups to put it in.

We ended the day at Los Tacos in Fairhope with pretty darn good food, cheap drafts, but no cups.

Now, you could bring your own cup – that is, if you knew ahead of time you needed to.  But it had to be a clear cup, as the law says you can’t serve a draft in anything but a clear cup.

However, you could buy a pitcher, and then pour it in that Styrofoam cup with sludge in the bottom rattling around in the back of your car from last week when you went through the drive-in.  (Or, maybe you could use your cup from your breakfast at Pete’s).

Want a Margarita?  Can’t have one unless you have a clear cup – no Styrofoam or paper cups allowed. Unfortunately, you can’t buy a pitcher of Margaritas at Los Tacos, or cups wouldn’t be such a problem.

And, all non-conforming cups brought in must be carefully concealed and snuck back out in case the cup police are watching.

Or just come back tomorrow night and take your chances.  Last week they were out of all the good draft beers, this week they were out of cups.

Makes you want to come back next week, but only if you know ahead of time what you need to bring with you.

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