December, 2011. Fairhope, Alabama – Home vs. HOME

Posted on December 28, 2011


We were home for the holidays.

We are full time RV’ers, so we’re always home, wherever we are.  Wherever we set down we have each other, our dog, bed, kitchen, clothes, and all the other odds and ends of everyday life.

But during the holidays home looks a little different to us, and we are forced to admit we are not…well, HOME.

Home means we’re with a great bunch of fellow RV’ers, many of whom have become just like family. We have fun together, we care about each other, we learn from each other, and we just plain enjoy each other’s company.

But HOME is something different entirely.  HOME is where the family is – past, present and future. HOME is where the graves are. HOME is where the memories are. HOME is where our roots are.

HOME is different things to different families, but it all boils down to the life you’ve shared with one another. Shared experiences, shared situations, shared heritage, shared life.  HOME is where you came from, and where you’ll eventually return.

But home is nice, too.  Home is being with friends who understand what it’s like to grow older; friends who understand why we want to see and do and experience all that we can before we can’t.

Home is exposure to different customs, different foods, and different ways of looking at life.  Home is different scenery, different people, and different cultures.  Home is new and exciting; home is an education each and every day.

But for all that, HOME always draws us back – at least in our thoughts, and especially at Christmas.

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