April, 2011. Louisa,Virginia – Battle of Trevelian Station

Posted on December 18, 2011


“Virginia Is For Lovers” is the official slogan of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and as slogans go, this one is right on target.

It’ a great place for lovers of Colonial architecture, American history, the American Civil War, the American Revolution, good food, homes of the founding fathers, beautiful scenery, magnificent caverns, and a whole bunch more.

It would take a dozen posts to cover even a small part of our travels through Virginia, so instead of talking about Mount Vernon and Williamsburg, we’ll concentrate on places that are a bit more under the radar.

It isn’t often you get to set your home down on a historic battlefield, but we did here.  Small Country Campground, outside the town of Louisa, is located on a portion of the Trevelian Station battlefield.

Billed as the largest all-cavalry battle of the Civil War, none of the battlefield is preserved as such, but as we found all over Virginia there are historic markers galore explaining what happened where. 

Union and Confederate forces fought over wagon trains of supplies unloaded at the Virginia Central Railroad depot at the little village of Trevelian Station.  Michigan’s Gen. George Custer, who was all over the place during the Civil War, commanded troops in this battle..

The depot stands today, probably greatly altered as the Virginia Central had a complicated and convoluted history following the Civil War.  My guess is that this station last saw use in the mid-to late 1960’s.