November, 2011 – Fairhope, Alabama – Southern Christmas

Posted on November 19, 2011


November 17 (I’m finally caught up on this winter’s posts!)

Christmas done right – Fairhope style!

Thursday evening, November 17, Fairhope kicked off the holiday season with the annual Lighting of the Trees.

First of all, you must understand the streets of the business district are lined with trees, providing welcome shade in summer for bench-sitters.  During Mardi Gras they wear a colorful coat of beads, and during the Christmas holidays they are ablaze with lights.

A crowd of, I don’t know, certainly a thousand or more thronged the whole downtown area to listen to seasonal music performed by the Baldwin County Youth Orchestra, Fairhope Middle School Band, Fairhope High School Band and the Eastern Shore Choral Society.  Mrs. Claus was on hand, as was Frosty the Snowman and members of the Eastern Shore Dogwood Trail Maids.  It was a typical Fairhope family affair, often with three generations on hand enjoying the evening together.

After the entertainment ended, the streetlights were turned off and a count down begun by Mayor Tim Kant. The switch was flipped, and a million lights popped on!  Then, snow flurried in Fairhope in the form of soapsuds blown out over the crowd by a gizmo high on a pole.

Tonight, November 19, families will gather downtown again for a free outdoor showing of the movie “Polar Express”.  Downtown merchants will hold a Holiday Open House on Sunday, the 20th, complete with refreshments, of course.

There will be wine, so we will be there!

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